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Our research comes from demonstrated studies, peer-reviewed research (robust science data) and ongoing consulting with bio-scientists and nutritionists.

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Your Ultimate Omega 3 Boost!

Oceangreen Organics is passionate about Hoki Fish Oil for its remarkable scientifically-based, natural health-boosting properties. Find out here why taking OCEANGREEN ORGANICS Fish Oil is so beneficial for our overall health, well-being and skin!
The Benefits of Hoki Fish Oil

Hoki Fish Oil contains high quality Omega 3s, which are key building blocks of lifelong health and wellness, and bestow a range of science-backed, impressive and desirable benefits, including support for:

  • Cardiovascular health

  • Healthy pregnancy and fertility

  • Eye health and skin care (particularly for dry skin conditions and acne)

  • Brain and eye development for pre-natals and infants

  • Stress response management

  • Healthy mood and brain function 

  • Weight management and a robust immune system

  • Healthy cholesterol levels

  • Blood sugar balance

The Benefits of OCEANGREEN ORGANICS Hoki Fish Oil

  • Proudly made from New Zealand Hoki, Macruronus novaezelandiae

  • Pure New Zealand batch-harvested, sustainably sourced and fully traceable

  • Certified sustainable — our Hoki is sustainably sourced from full MSC certified fisheries located in the pure waters off the coast of New Zealand

  • A convenient and effective way to boost your Omega-3 levels

  • Higher in DHA than EPA (Minimum 5:10 EPA:DHA ratio)

  • More than 20% Total Omega-3

  • A superior quality natural triglyceride oil which is the form your body most easily absorbs

  • Guaranteed fresh due to our special black soft gel capsules which block light and oxygen

  • Extracted by a specialised technique that ensures the oil is of the highest standard for purity and freshness

  • Harvest and production quality process compliant with government certifications and New Zealand Fisheries regulations  

For a full Hoki Fish Oil nutritional analysis overview please refer to its Product Page or email us at Thank you!

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