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Our harvest hub - the Coastal Clutha District, Otago, New Zealand

(46.3866° S, 169.7823° E)


About Oceangreen Organics


Oceangreen Organics is a unique, New Zealand-based producer of 100% pure seaweed supplements. Our products harness the health benefits of hand-harvested seaweed with a range of capsules; as well as our upcoming seaweed skincare range.


As a passionate leader in ecological harvesting, our mission is to empower people to live healthy and sustainable lives. Our seaweed supplements and sea health products are high quality, organic, biodynamic, GM-free, and most importantly - local. PLUS, fully traceable ... which we think is awesome!  Check out our harvest location coordinates on each of our bottles to see where your seaweed is coming from.


We source our organic seaweed from the pure waters of New Zealand’s South Island; so by choosing Oceangreen Organics, you can be sure that you’re receiving a wholly organic, natural product, that is the best choice for your health and wellbeing. We are a boutique producer, with hands-on practices to ensure that your seaweed and kelp products arrive with attention and care.


Oceangreen Organics believes that seaweed extract is a hidden treasure waiting to be discovered and shared, and we are proud of being able to deliver this renowned sea health product to our customers, so we hand-harvest our product by collecting organic wild seaweed from New Zealand’s pristine shores.


The health benefits of seaweed and New Zealand kelp are numerous, and are now gaining momentum internationally. Over the coming months we are focused on adding new products to our range; including a line of organic seaweed skincare, food and table items, and other up-and-coming health goods.


For more information about the health benefits of seaweed, check out our page on Seaweed Benefits.


About Organic New Zealand Brown Kelp



















It is from this pristine environment that Oceangreen Organics sources its organic wild seaweed. Our organic kelp is pure and sustainably harvested. Kelp can grow up to thirty centimetres a day, and is hand-picked from the water during dusk or dawn, when the plants switch from respiration to photosynthesis. Our range of consumer products are waiting to be discovered and shared.


Organic Seaweed Products Shipped to Your Door


If you love natural health products, Oceangreen Organics seaweed supplements could be your hidden treasure. We ship our organic seaweed internationally (as well as via Amazon).


Our harvest hub is located on the Coastal Clutha District, North Region, Otago, New Zealand (46.3866° S, 169.7823° E).


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Kelp is an aquatic, plant-like algae, called a Macrocystis seaweed. Also known as brown kelp, or brown algae, it shifts with the tides and currents. Kelp colonies are anchored offshore, an easy paddle distance of around 100 metres, so they can be collected. We place the coordinates of the harvest area on every bottle of our products, so you can see exactly where your seaweed was harvested.


Oceangreen Organics kelp is sourced naturally on the shore at Kaka Point, and its surrounds. Kaka Point is a small settlement at the northern edge of The Catlins, on South Island, north of Nugget Point headland. It is named for the New Zealand kākā bird, whose signature call is "ka-aa". The settlement’s best known resident was working class Māori poet Hone Tuwhare, whose many poems reflected the scenery of The Catlins area, and the abundant sea life there.