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Address: New Zealand Southern Pacific Seaweed Company Ltd

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Our research comes from demonstrated studies, peer-reviewed research (robust science data) and ongoing consulting with bio-scientists and nutritionists.

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Our Hoki Fish is sourced from the cool, clear waters of the New Zealand Souther Pacific Ocean, the cleanest purest ocean in the world.  The harvest and production quality process adheres and is compliant with government certification and New Zealand Fisheries regulations.

Hoki not only has great leves of beneficial oils, it also has low toxic plluants such as mercury and other heavy metals.


Our Hoki Fish Oil Capules are very rich in Omega-3 and DHA, bringing many health benefits including:


  • Cardiovascular health – healthy heart
  • Brain and eye development
  • Cognitive Function
  • Eye Health
  • Stress response management


Active Ingredient / Capsule

Hoki Oil                      500mg +- 7.5%

EPA                            > 40mg

DHA                            > 100mg

Total Omega 3          > 200mg


EPA                6.74    g/100g

DPA                21.9    g/100g

DHA                13.4    g/100g


Our contract plant is located in beautiful Nelson – home of the largest fishing port in the Southern Hemisphere – ensures access to a reliable supply of the freshest source material.


100% Pure New Zealand Hoki Fish Oil Supplement Capsules (120 capsules)

    • NOW Selling on Amazon USA & Australia.  Optional selling platform for those in Australia & USA.
    • Payment options include Paypal, Credit Card, Manual Bank Transfer. A 1.5% fee is imposed on credit card payments.

    • 120 Vegetarian Capsules
    • Take up to 6 capsules a day 
    • GMO Free, free from additives, chemicals and preservatives 'no nothings added'!  
    • Sustainably hand-harvested from the wild
    • FULLY Traceable - each harvast batch have harvest coordinates.