NOW Available: Introducing 100gm bags of roughly milled/ flaked seaweed.  Wildly Nutritious .... A great source of iodine, Adds a Flavour Punch to your Meals.  The smell and texture is divine - absolutely beautiful.


SERVING SUGGESTIONS: Sprinkle a small amount of Seaweed Flakes to your food to add both a salty seaweed flavour and essential nutrients. GREAT FOR: Addition to Soups, Broths, Smoothies, Salads & Stir Fries.


Oceangreen Organics knows the value of nutrition and has unearthed the world's purest seaweed for our friendly followers. New Zealand kelp possesses a wide array of health benefits which can be read about by clicking "Benefits" above. Many of these benefits are essential to well-being and are difficult to maintain through a regular diet. 


For the table - Seaweed Flakes


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