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Address: New Zealand Southern Pacific Seaweed Company Ltd

237 Salisbury Street, Christchurch, 8014, New Zealand

Phone: + 64 22 429 0597


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Our research comes from demonstrated studies, peer-reviewed research (robust science data) and ongoing consulting with bio-scientists and nutritionists.

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LAUNCHING EARLY 2020:  We are currently fine tuning our formulations to prepare the best seaweed based skincare on the market.


Our skincare range embraces the botanical powers harnessed from the oceans nutrient rich environment. Oceangreen Organic products are comprised of New Zealand Macrocystis Seaweed (giant brown kelp) and complemented with the purest, most natural ingredients. Enriched with vitamins, minerals, protective anti-oxidants and amino acids, this range will leave your skin radiant, nourished and hydrated, thanks to the widely recognised benefits of seaweed.


OceanGreen Organics is always exploring new uses for New Zealand's natural resources and our skin care range will be arriving soon. We expect the very best form ourselves and we look forward to sharing our health and beauty secrets.


 We are excited about our launch date and sharing this wonderful skincare range with you soon xo.

100% Pure New Zealand Seaweed Skin Care Range

  • Information to come on each of our skin products

  • Oceangreen Organics Return and Refund policy - if you feel that this product has not met your with your expectations, or you are dissatisfied with your purchase. We will refund 100% less postage costs.